Supporting Our City's Seniors

It is critical that we support the elderly population of Newton as we continue to face the impacts of COVID-19 and as the average population of our city increases. As a member of the City Council, I will advocate for the older population within Newton and work closely with our city’s Council on Aging to ensure that seniors in our community can live and move through our city in a dignified manner. In order to accomplish this: 


  1. We need to offer different living options to our elderly, ensuring they can make the right choice for their lifestyle. These include options of modifications to homes such as the creation of an accessory apartment, downsizing or, if they so choose, to move into an assisted living or nursing facility. The key component of this is ensuring seniors and their families the agency to make their own choices with dignity and independence.   


     2. We must clear sidewalks and different pedestrian pathways so that residents, especially our             seniors,  can get fresh air. Especially when it snows, this needs to be a priority. We must also                 make the process of applying for a Senior Citizen's Parking Stickers as accessible as possible. 

   3. Once we safely reopen, we need to maintain and enhance the Newton Senior Center. We need            to continue the Senior Transportation Program, SHINE (Serving Health Information Needs of                  Everyone) Counseling, and the Durable Medical Equipment (DME) loaning program to ensure that         the seniors in our community receive resources and support when they need it most.

    4. Finally, it is crucial that we consider interventions which may seem minor but are deeply important          for the wellbeing of our senior population, such as the lengthening of crosswalk time allotted at                street lights in accordance with the aging population of our city.