Maddy is proud to be endorsed by: 

Current + Former Elected Officials

  • Susan Albright, City Council President, Ward Two City Councilor At-Large

  • Maria Scibelli Greenberg, Ward One City Councilor

  • Alison Leary, Ward One At-Large City Councilor

  • Andrea Kelley, Ward Three At-Large City Councilor

  • Bill Humphrey, Ward Five City Councilor

  • Deb Crossley, Ward Five At-Large City Councilor

  • Andreae Downs, Ward Five At-Large City Councilor

  • Brenda Noel, Ward Six City Councilor

  • Alicia Bowman, Ward Six At-Large City Councilor

  • Vicki Danberg, Ward Six At-Large City Councilor

  • Holly Ryan, Ward Eight City Councilor

  • Ruth Goldman, School Committee Chair

  • Matthew Miller, Ward Eight School Committee Member 

  • Jesse Mermell, Former Candidate for Congress (MA-04)

  • Brooke Lipsitt, Former City Council President 

  • Stephen Linsky, Former Ward Two City Councilor

  • Ted Hess-Mahan, Former Ward Three City Councilor 

  • Norah Wylie, Former Ward Three School Committee Member

  • Anne Larner, Former Ward Three School Committee President 

  • Susie Heyman, Former Ward Five School Committee Member

  • Claire Sokoloff, Former Ward Six School Committee Member 

  • Mitch Fischman, Former Ward Eight City Councilor 

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Engine 6, Newton's Affordable Housing Advocacy Organization

Community Leaders

  • Dan Brody

  • John and Tamara Bliss

  • Adrian Butterton

  • Ed Dailey

  • Ruth and Bill Dain

  • Susan Davidoff

  • Ted Doyle

  • Samuel Fishman

  • Shawn Fitzgibbons 

  • Cristian Gaines 

  • Max German

  • Robert Gifford 

  • Kathleen Hobson

  • Laura Johnson

  • Rosalind Joffee

  • Dossie Khan

  • Marian Knapp

  • Daniel Krasa

  • Elianna Kruskal


  • Lee McIntyre

  • Josephine McNeil

  • Marisa Milanese

  • Nathan Phillips

  • Kerry Prasad

  • Laxmi Rao

  • Ashia Ray

  • Sean Roche

  • Reverend Devlin Scott

  • Alexander Shames

  • Chris Steele

  • Allison Sharma

  • Chuck Tanowitz

  • Ruth Tepper

  • Calla Walsh 

  • Jay Walter

  • Jean Weinberg

  • Lynn Weissberg

  • Beth Wilkinson