Providing Constituent Services & Ensuring Transparency

A Councilor should not only be available to their constituents through office hours and constituent mail. They should meet constituents where they are and speak their language. As your Councilor, I will treat all residents’ concerns with the urgency and respect they deserve.

For young people in our city, this type of communication is changing. I am prepared and excited to use social media and direct messaging to communicate with and support our young residents. 

As your Councilor, I will...

  • Promote Newton’s 311 Service and serve as a liaison to help constituents get in touch with city staff who can help with specific requests.

  • Be consistently available by email, phone, social media DM, and office hours.   

  • Consistently update you on decisions made, city services, and notify you of public hearings through an email newsletter. I will always be open and honest about why I vote the way that I do.

Do not hesitate to reach out to me at any time at 617-833-7965, or at madelineranalli[@]

We also need transparency and accessibility within our city’s government to foster better civic education and engagement.

 We need accessible data about where and when government-related events occur and how people can get involved. This will require clear postings of public hearings and more public resources regarding the avenues of communication being used (such as social media). I will also support video live streams of committee meetings to allow for virtual public comments. As with other issues, Newton must lead the way toward improved government transparency.