You can call me Maddy!



My life in Newton has always been marked by public service, from the time my dad Ralph and I started Horace Mann’s very first Social Action Group when I was in second grade. I’m a lifelong resident of Newton and grew up attending community events and organizing in my school community having attended Horace Mann, F.A. Day, and graduating from Newton North High School in 2019. My parents, Jill and Ralph, both newspaper journalists, moved to Newton to raise me and my sisters Lillian and Eleanor. I grew up in Nonantum learning the importance of community and inclusivity, and my experiences attending our summer Festa and playing soccer in Forte Park have shaped the love I have for this city today. 


My background is in legislative advocacy, where I have worked as the Political Director of March For Our Lives: Massachusetts for the past two years. I have lobbied at the State House for gun violence prevention legislation ranging from firearm data collection bills to funding appropriations for community violence intervention organizations and legislation to combat straw purchasing. I also serve as a board member of the Massachusetts Coalition to Prevent Gun Violence.​

I have also worked on campaigns and in legislative offices, including in Iowa for Senator Elizabeth Warren’s 2020 Presidential campaign, Jay Gonzalez’ 2018 campaign for Governor, and in the Boston office of Senator Ed Markey. Most recently, I worked at the Department of Energy in the Office of Energy Efficiency and Renewable Energy, focusing on state and local partnerships for climate disaster resilience. I currently study government and environmental science at Harvard University. 

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Maddy with her parents Jill and Ralph, sisters Lillian and Eleanor, and puppy Mavis 

"These experiences have given me the skills as well as the urgency to advocate for the issues impacting young people in this moment."